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Tom Crutchfield, 15 foot King Cobra, and Albert Killian.
Good day.  My name is Tom Crutchfield, and I have been professionally involved in the Herp Industry for almost 40 years.  Before that, I was a hobbyist and have maintained herps as long as I can remember.  I was blessed to be trained and mentored by Dennie Sieboldt, Ross Allen, and Bill Chase, who were all dear friends.  I'm better known as a supplier of higher end rare herps, but also have bred many species representing a plethora of genera.  For instance, I have successfully bred 11 species of crocodilians, over 40 species of Boids, numerous Colubrids, 4 species of Cyclura, 3 species of Varanids, multiple Chelonians including Radiated Tortoises, and several Venomous species as well.  I was the first ever to breed the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana, Cyclura lewisi and the Sri Lankan Star Tortoise, Geochelone elegans.
My two previous businesses from the 1970's through the 1990's were Herpetofauna, Inc. in Fort Myers, Florida and Tom Crutchfield's Reptile Enterprises in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida.  From these two businesses, I bought, sold, and traded reptiles all over the world.  I also owned a 40 acre crocodile and alligator farm in Bushnell, Florida which was also my home.  I have also resided in Belize, Central America.  I have been a certified professional gym trainer, and a professional guide for Everglades Day Safari.
I have dabbled in the film industry as an animal wrangler and advisor in such movies as George Romero's Day of the Dead in the early 1980's to the recent PBS documentary Invasion of the Giant Pythons produced by Nigel Marven.  Also, I supplied the reptiles for Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and Alligator.
Currently I specialize in, as I always have, West Indian Herps such as Epicrates, Tropidophis, and Cyclura.  In Venomous, I'm working with a number of Crotalids, Elapids, and Helodermas.  I have also traveled the world over in order to study reptiles in nature.  Currently I'm semi-retired but still hard at work breeding or trying to breed a wide variety of cold blooded critters.  We have a breeding farm in the historic Redlands farming region in Homestead, Florida located near Key Largo in extreme Southeast Florida.


More Facility Photos
Gallery 1  Gallery 2

Here is a picture walk around our reptile farm in Homestead, Florida:
We have four reptile buildings at this time.

 Reptile Buildings 1, 2, and 3. We have four reptile buildings at this time.
Right Side of Building 1.

Left Side of Building 1.
Right Side of Building 2.
Left Side of Building 2.
Inside Building 2.
Cyclura and Iguana Breeding Facilities.
 Rhinocerous Iguana, Cyclura cornuta, breeding cage.
Concrete Breeding Pens.

Diamond Pythons in a concrete breeding pen.
Cages for growing hatchling Iguanas in the Springtime.
Facilities for growing medium size Iguanas

Breeder Albino Iguanas with Red Iguana female on floor of cage. Can you imagine what morph this would possibly make?
Glowing Pink or Red Albino Iguanas?  Our outdoor cages have underground water and electricity.
Albino Snapping Turtle breeding vat.
Albino Red Ear Slider breeding vat.

More Facility Photos
Gallery 1  Gallery 2


Tom Crutchfield stars in a Playboy article, along with his picture:
PLAYBOY, December 2009, Volume 56, Number 11, page 124.
"When a python kills a little girl, hysterical officials hire hunters to massacre 100,000 of the reptiles living in the Everglades.  But who are the bigger snakes, the pythons or the men who seek to kill them?  Our reporter heads into the swamp with his boots on.  By Pat Jordan."

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