Welcome to Tom Crutchfield Reptiles
Thank you for visiting our web site. My name is Tom Crutchfield, and I have been in this business as a profession for almost forty years. You folks, our customers, are now and always have been my most important asset. We, Bruce Stephenson and I, have purchased a Reptile Breeding Farm located in the Redlands in Homestead, Florida. On this farm, we are producing the highest quality high end reptiles in the U.S. Many of our breeding projects consist of herps that ONLY we have. This is my retirement farm, and I look forward to spending the rest of my days doing what I love to do best.
The location of the farm is about as far south as you can be in Florida without living in the Keys. This enables us to keep many of our animals (including snakes) outside on a year round basis. Now, like always, we deal primarily in only high end herps. Currently, we are working with Albino Green Iguanas and Blue Iguanas, several species of Cyclura, Varanids, Gila Monsters, West Indian Boas (many species), Albino Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes, Albino Red Ear Turtles, and many other unique and RARE herps with a heavy emphasis on Boids. We also produce almost any type of high-end ball python morph that you can think of.
My girlfriend Patty Porter has and produces the best of the best in several colubrid species, including Grey Banded Kingsnakes and the finest Okeetee Corns. Bruce, now retired from the medical field, has an abiding love for chelonians, especially albino turtles. As many of you know, I have had businesses, Herpetofauna in Fort Myers, Florida, and a Crocodile Farm (Reptile Enterprises) in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida. Those were great places and facilities, but I like to reside here in extreme South East Florida better than any place I've ever lived, including Belize, Central America.
For those of you that have been my customers (some for over thirty years), I will strive to continue providing you with high quality high end herps at a reasonable price. Some of you may not have done business with us yet, but rest assured I look forward to doing business with you.
Why buy your high-end reptiles from us?
1. We have thousands of extremely satisfied customers.
2. We have one of the cleanest and best well-cared-for facilities in the world.
3. Most customers tell us the reptiles they received look better than the pictures.
4. Most customers tell us we have the best packing for shipping they have seen.
5. We ship the animals when we say we will and in a timely manner.
6. We are one of the few dealers today that have had and understand most species of herps and have successfully bred them, including 11 species of crocodilians.
7. I have introduced into Herpetoculture the first Albino Burmese Python, Albino Iguanas, Albino Alligators, Veiled Chameleons, Womas, and a host of Australian herps, including Bearded Dragons, and the first of many other herps that are now common in herpetoculture. One new introduction were the Dominican Red Mountain boas introduced at the 2009 Daytona Expo.
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I will close by thanking all of my customers that I have done business with for all these years. We welcome all of you to visit us here, view our facilities and stock, and just talk herps. And, you can come trade, buy, and sell all of your surplus "children." I look forward to seeing you.
Tom Crutchfield stars in a Playboy article, along with his picture:
PLAYBOY, December 2009, Volume 56, Number 11, page 124.
"When a python kills a little girl, hysterical officials hire hunters to massacre 100,000 of the reptiles living in the Everglades.  But who are the bigger snakes, the pythons or the men who seek to kill them?  Our reporter heads into the swamp with his boots on.  By Pat Jordan."
All the Best,
Tom Crutchfield